1. Truly been an integral part of my journey

    Michell has truly been an integral part of my journey and personal growth. She helped me realize that I have the power to make the choice to be happy, and has given me the tools to make important changes in my life and in my perspective. Friends and family have noticed the change in my optimistic approach to life, and my professional life and relationships have benefited from it as well. Michell i…Read More

    E., Washington D.C.
  2. Truly a rare therapist

    "Michell Stanley is a truly rare therapist.  I lucked into finding her when I went looking for someone willing to do "somatic therapy" with my highly intelligent but highly dysfunctional autistic son, and she was the only one willing.  From the first session, she has taken him seriously as someone not just with massive problems (autism, adhd, slow processing speed but high intelligence, extreme …Read More

  3. Full of patience, love, and support

    “I've met a few life coaches, but Sara is the one who helped me believe MY dreams are possible. She helped me find my own clarity, helped me create the path to my goals. She is full of patience, love, and support. She is an amazing human I am honored to know.”…Read More

  4. Connect to your strength and grace

    “I went to Sara during a time of crazy upheaval in my life. I needed help, but not just therapy. I was a little wary — positive psychology? Was I gonna have to listen to how I should just smile through this and think happy thoughts? I’d tried that. If it had worked, I wouldn’t have needed help. Sara met me with great compassion and empathy, not puppies and rainbows. She acknowledged that t…Read More

  5. Best of the best

    “Best of the best. The gold standard in helping clients live the life they want to live!” “I had a great experience with Moksha and felt that the tools I learned really helped me push forward and find sustainable ways to cope with aspects of my life that I was struggling with.”   “Michell has been the best therapist I have ever had. She has had a very positive impact on my life.”…Read More

    Happy client