1. An Argument Against Freezing Your Eggs

    The summer before I turned 38,  I promised myself that I would freeze my eggs on my 38th birthday, if I was still single.  When I turned 38, I decided against my prior decision. The reason I decided not to freeze my eggs was not because I thought this man was the “One”, rather I thought he was a sign that my life was at least on the right path. I committed to accept the divine plan for my li…Read More

  2. 5 Steps To Design Your Best Year Ever

    Why is it so hard to follow-through with what we want? The steps below will guide you through overcoming issues we commonly face when trying to motivate ourselves to accomplish goals that we have set. This simple set of tools makes it easy for you to take action towards creating your best life. This outline uses intentional statements, short-term goals, and action steps to help you develop your ow…Read More