The 3 Curriculum Modules of  Our Holistic Life Coaching School

Our program is organized into three intensive, 3- day modules. Students are welcomed to pursue one module, or pursue full coaching certification by completing all three modules.

1st Module: Foundations of Coaching – This 1st 3-day module gives students the foundational skills of coaching by training them in the International Association of Coaching masteries and ethics, as well as the primary skills of Transformational Listening.  This module applies experiential learning to teach students the nine fundamental coaching masteries of the International Association of Coaching (IAC). The IAC ethics and masteries support students in developing the foundational skills of excellent coaching. Once students have mastered this foundations they are prepared to be ethical, and effective coaches to a diverse audience. They can trust that the coaching masteries and fundamental listening skills mastered in this module will allow them to be trustworthy coaches to anyone who comes through their door.

2nd Module: Coaching Tools – This 2nd 3-day module teaches students how to take their foundational coaching skills to the next level by introducing ASPLC’s trademark approach to advanced Transformational Listening: The five Levels of Listening (™). Now that students have ma

stered basic listening and coaching skills, we teach them how to take their coaching to a truly transformational level by integrating incisive questions that allow coaches to guide their clients through deep personal exploration. We train students to use ASPLC’s original framework to help their clients discover their unique core values, as well as help them overcome the obstacles to living into those values. This module will teach all coaching students how to guide their clients to uncovering their life’s deepest meaning and purpose, making them a significantly more valuable resource to their clients.

3rd Module:  Positive Psychology & Mind-Body Experiencing – This 3rd 3-day module empowers students to apply the tools of positive psychology and somatic experiencing – giving them the ultimate toolkit for transformational coaching. This module integrates the mind and body together, teaching students how to effectively communicate and engage using somatic and energetic experiencing. In other words, we teach our students how to help their clients transform at the deep whole person level – not simply the cognitive level. We do this by introducing our coaching students to the science of positive psychology and providing them with incisive questions that allow them to guide their clients in mindset-shift. As well as training them to attune with the subtle physical and emotional experiences of the client as a means of gaining deeper insight and intuition.


We’ve found these three modules most effective for teaching brand new coaches to become phenomenal coaches in just nine intensive days!