Did you know that you can have a free consultation for services? If you would like to book a free “psychotherapy”, “holistic” or “Life coaching” consultation, please click on the “Schedule an Appointment” button on our home page.

Here’s Some Answers to Common Questions:

Will my services be covered by Insurance?

  • Health insurance covers “psychotherapy” services only. We are in-network with some Carefirst products. We encourage you to confirm your benefits by calling or looking on your online provider directory.
  • The psychotherapy service code to inquire about is: 90837
  • If you have another insurance plan, psychotherapy may be covered under your “out-of-network” benefits.

What Kind of Appointment Is Best for Me?
If you are not sure what service is best for you, we suggest you schedule a “holistic consultation” to determine the best fit or combination of services for you.

I can’t Find the Appointment I am Looking For
If you don’t see availability for the appointment you are trying to schedule, it means that the provider doesn’t have availability in their schedule for that appointment type, or the provider doesn’t offer that service.

if you have further questions please contact us using the contact form.