The 3 Curriculum Modules of ASPLC-DC
Skills & Certification Track
9-Day Intensive Course

Our program is organized into three intensive, 3- day modules. Each module is separated into two tracks 1. Skills (only) Track and 2. Certification Track.

1.Skills (only) Track (2-days per module): This track is for students who wish to learn the skills, tools and applications of coaching but who do not want to become certified Life Coaches

2 .Certification Track (3-days per module): This track is our complete certification course. This track offers the foundations, ethics, tools, testing and evaluations necessary to obtain the credential of Certified Life Coach from the American School of Professional Life Coaching. This credential also prepares and approves you for further credentialing with the International Association of Coaching (IAC) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Schedule & Description of the Certification and Skills track for each of our 3 Modules for our upcoming Spring Semester.

1st Module: Foundations of Coaching
Skills Track (2-Days) :
This 1st 3-day module uses experiential learning to teach students the foundational skills of coaching by training them in Transformational Listening. Students completing this level will learn how to use a Thinking Environment to develop trusting alliances and improve communication and problem-solving in a variety of different systems and relationships.
*Required Reading (skills track): Time to Think

Certification Track (3-days):
In addition to the above skills, the certification track for Module 1 will use the same experiential learning format to teach of the IAC Ethics & the IAC Masteries. Students on the certification track will be prepared to successfully pass an IAC Ethics Test that will be administered during this module. Once students have developed an ethical foundation they are prepared to engage others in the coaching process. We encourage students who complete this foundation to begin practice coaching in personal and professional relationships.
*Required Reading (certification track) : Time to Think, IAC Student Handbook on Ethics & Masteries

2nd Module: Core Values & Positive Psychology
Skills Track (2-days):)
This module teaches students how to take their foundational coaching skills to the next level by using ASPLC’s original framework to help their clients discover their unique core values. Identifying our core values is essential to discovering what gives us meaning and fulfillment. Students who complete this skills track will have a framework for identifying core values in themselves and how to support others in doing the same.
*Required Reading (skills track): The Valued Self

Certification Track (3-days): )
In the certification track of module 2 clients will learn how to use Life Design tools and Incisive Questions to help clients overcome the obstacles to identifying and living into their core values. We do this by teaching our coaching students the science of positive psychology and providing them with incisive questions that allow them to guide their clients in mindset-shift. This module will teach all coaching students how to guide their clients to uncovering their life’s deepest meaning and purpose, making them an invaluable resource as a professional coach.
*Required Reading (certification track): The Valued Self, Becoming a Professional Life Coach

3rd Module: Mind-Body Experiencing & Transformational Coaching
Skills Track (2-Days): –
This 3rd module integrates the mind and body together by training students to attune with their own subtle physical and emotional experiences to be able to connect with clients on a deeper level. Students are shown how to effectively communicate and engage using somatic and energetic experiencing. Students are empowered to apply intuitive questions to the client’s somatic experience. Working with somatic experience allows coaches to help their clients transform at the deep whole person level – not simply the cognitive level. This final module prepares students them the ultimate toolkit for transformational coaching

Certification Track (3-days):
In the final module of the certification track, students will complete their final preparations and review for evaluations. They will have the opportunity to practice coaching using the foundational, positive psychology and somatic experiencing tools taught in the course. In this module students will need to complete their final IAC Masteries Test, submit point papers from course readings and demonstrate competency in their coaching via live coaching evaluations done in the classroom.
*Required Reading (certification track): Becoming a Professional Life Coach