1. Go From Procrastination to Motivation

    Got Things to Do. . . But No Follow-Through? Both Procrastination and Motivation are EMOTIONAL. People often think that they lack motivation because they are lazy or unable to sustain effort. In reality: Your emotions are significantly influencing your behavior. Don’t let another year go by feeling like you are stuck in a rut. Learn to use your emotions to gain vital information AND inspiration …Read More

  2. The Number One Mistake Life Coaches Make

    Being a Coach vs. Being a Crutch Transformational Listening is a skill that enhances relationships and improves outcomes in our personal and professional lives. Even though many leaders have much to offer others, often this advice gets lost because they fundamentally do not know how to listen on a transformative level. Watch this video to find out how to go from being a crutch to being a coach in …Read More

  3. The Secret to Stop Over-Thinking

    Expand Your Perspective Beyond the Mind Use Meditation to Tap into Your True Potential It's hard for the mind to solve an issue that itself is creating. There are so many ways our mind limits our ability to be clear, confident and motivated towards our full potential. Psychotherapy and coaching are helpful but there's more we can do to go beyond thinking and emotion. The Problem with Thinking Too …Read More

  4. What Is Your Anxiety Trying to Tell You?

    You can alleviate anxiety without medication  Anxiety is a signal that your body is trying to communicate something to you. If you learn to listen to what is underneath the anxiety: You can fulfill your deepest needs and desires. The Problem: You’re Stuck In Your Head Anxiety is a symptom (NOT the cause) of stress. One of the ways anxiety can take over your life is by distracting you from wha…Read More