1. The holidays are in your hands -Coping with the holiday blues

    You may think you are the only person who isn’t gleeful about the upcoming holidays. However, for many (and for most adults) the holidays are accompanied with an understandable amount of dread. We are around people, who push our buttons or that we don’t enjoy spending time with. For some people it’s the feeling of loneliness and lacking the relationships we think we ought to have. If any of …Read More

  2. Coffee Talk -How does caffeine effect us

    Anxiety is the most common issue that brings people into therapy. Many of those experiencing anxiety also note that they consume at least 1 cup of coffee/caffeinated beverage a day. When asked if they think that the amount of caffeine they consume influences their anxiety levels, often people report that the caffeine has little to no impact on their anxiety or sleep. Caffeine is a stimulant which …Read More

  3. What is positive psychology?

    Positive Psychology is the science of being your best and feeling your best. The field is founded upon belief in human goodness, and human desire to improve ourselves and enjoy our lives. The goal of positive psychology is to increase human flourishing. I define human flourishing as: becoming the most successful and satisfied version of ourselves. The ground-breaking discovery made by positive psy…Read More

  4. Tips For Tranquil Sleep

    Tranquil Space psychotherapist Michell Stanley gives her top tips on a more restful night’s sleep.…Read More