1. 5 Tips for Tranquil Sleep

    It’s the worst feeling to start your day after getting a restless night of sleep. People often think about their quality of sleep when they wake up. What we don’t’ realize is that getting good sleep doesn’t just start the night before, we have to start the day before. In the following video, Michell Stanley gives you 5 tips to improve your quality of sleep.  …Read More

  2. Reiki As a Way to Find Balance and Peace

    Reiki is an energy source that surrounds us and is within us. It is the vehicle that has transformed my life. Before I began my Reiki journey I experienced emptiness, something was missing. Reiki filled a spiritual void that I was unaware of. A wonderful thing about Reiki is that it is a mutually beneficial service, both for client and practitioner. It serves as an illuminating channel of healing …Read More

  3. The Two Steps to Lifelong Happiness

    I believe that people have an instinctual desire to lead happy, fulfilling lives. In my TEDx talk below I define happiness as “a feeling of wholeness, and deep fulfillment with one’s life.” And, I believe that happiness is our birthright. Not because we “deserve” it, or deserve anything for that matter. But because we are built for it. Because it is possible to experience happiness in an…Read More

  4. What is the difference between Coaching & Therapy?

    Working with a therapist will help you answer the question: “Why?” Working with a coach will help you answer the question: “What now?” Although I do spend a limited amount of time “looking back” and helping clients understand why their fears, values, beliefs, and personality exist. My goal is not to process the client’s past. My goal is to help the client become the best version of t…Read More

  5. How Men Benefit from Psychotherapy

    Although gender equality is on the rise, men are still reared and socialized differently than women. Women are nurtured to have and express feelings. Conventionally, men were raised that expression or acknowledgement of feelings is a feminine characteristic and therefore for men to have an emotional experience can be stigmatizing. Emotional freedom considers the exploration of our relationship to …Read More

  6. Traveling Towards Vulnerability

    “Vulnerability awakens our senses. When we feel vulnerable, we tend to pay attention more. This feeling forces us to never go on autopilot. It opens our hearts to what is.” -Elizabeth Aspen As children, our identity and self-esteem are formed in response to our relationships with those we are close (or close by) to, our material resources (food and housing), and our environment. As an adult, i…Read More

  7. 5 Ways to Overcome Unexpected Change

    “When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” –Alexander Graham Bell Sometimes life unexpectedly throws a new obstacle in our path. Often it’s a loss – a job, relationship or even an opportunity that falls through. During these times, it can be difficult to maintain happiness…Read More