1. 5 Steps To Design Your Best Year Ever

    Why is it so hard to follow-through with what we want? The steps below will guide you through overcoming issues we commonly face when trying to motivate ourselves to accomplish goals that we have set. This simple set of tools makes it easy for you to take action towards creating your best life. This outline uses intentional statements, short-term goals, and action steps to help you develop your ow…Read More

  2. Attend One of Our Holistic Workshops

    If you’ve felt lost in your life, unable to connect with others and seemingly drifting through each day, it could be because you’re not living with intention. Every action, decision, and feeling should have intentionality behind it, and at Moksha Living in Washington, D.C., our holistic workshops can help you find the intentionality you need in your life. We offer a monthly seminar on how to a…Read More

  3. Relieve Stress Through Flower Essences

    When our bodies are out of alignment, we can often focus too much on the physical discomfort and how it affects our everyday life. We attempt to treat the painful symptoms, but ignore our mental or emotional well-being and the roles they’re playing in the discomfort. At Moksha Living in Washington, D.C., we believe in treating the whole body, and one of our most popular and effective therapies f…Read More

  4. Successfully Prepare For Your Marriage

    Getting married is big moment in anyone’s life, and properly preparing for marriage is key for any relationship. Your life will be changing in many ways, including living with another person, sharing possessions with them, and planning your future together. At Moksha Living in Washington, D.C., we offer premarital counseling and marriage preparation classes for those who want to examine how thei…Read More

  5. Handling Change Through Holistic Therapy

    You’ve perhaps heard it said, “Change is a good thing.” While it can be, it’s important to understand how you cope with change, and if you experience negative feelings towards it, how you can deal with it in a positive manner. At Moksha Living in Washington, D.C., our holistic treatments can help you understand why certain things are changing in your life, and if you’re facing a substant…Read More

  6. Embrace Positivity Through Holistic Therapy

    If you’ve found yourself increasingly stressed, or you’ve noticed that your relationships are strained and you never seem to have time for anyone close to you, you might feel that there is nowhere to turn. You’ve tried to better organize your schedule and make time for yourself and others, but you still feel drained at the end of every week. At Moksha Living in Washington, DC, we want to hel…Read More

  7. Live Deliciously with Ancient Grains

    by Michell Stanley We believe that food heals. Everyone deserves healthy, exciting foods in their lives. Dahlia Shaaban, Moksha’s Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach and creator of the Live Deliciously program teaches us how to make farro. The ancient Mediterranean grain is one of Dahlia’s favorite ingredients in a healthy eating practice. For more meal planning solutions & inspiration check o…Read More

  8. How To Use Death as Your Personal Assistant

    The other day, I was fretting to a friend about whether or not a hair on my forehead was grey or just a variation of its weirdly ambiguous blondy-brown hay color. “I hope it’s grey,” she said, deadpan. Jeeeeeeeez, that’s blunt! I thought to myself. Why would she possibly want a grey hair over a blonde one? Grey hair seemed like the first step on the road to my long and inevitable decay; wa…Read More

  9. Resources to Help Improve Sleep

    5 Tips for Tranquil Sleep It’s the worst feeling to start your day after getting a restless night of sleep. People often think about their quality of sleep when they wake up. What we don’t’ realize is that getting good sleep doesn’t just start the night before, we have to start the day before. In the following video, Michell Stanley gives you 5 tips to improve your quality of sleep. Sleep …Read More